You can download a documentary film and watch it at a later time (even without an internet connection) through our Download and Watch Offline feature.

This features comes in handy if your internet connection is slower than the ideal speed for streaming or if you just want to make sure that you can watch seamlessly all throughout the film. 

This feature is only available on mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, ipad, phablet)

On your Apple iOS device

Click on a film that you want to watch. On the film title page, click Download
Pick your preferred resolution. Then, it should start the download.
If you wish to pause the download, just click Pause. Once clicked, the same button would turn to Resume

To Resume, just click the same button.
Once the download is complete, you will find your downloaded videos on the (1) Downloads section of the Menu Bar on the lower part of the screen. Just click on the video (2).When you are ready to watch, just click on Play Offline and you should be able to watch without internet connection anywhere!
TIP: If you're done watching the film, you can remove it by clicking on Remove Download to save disk space.

On your Android device
Coming soon!