Video watchlist is a personalized list where you can add multiple videos for later viewing.

On your web browser

  • Click on any video that interests you.
  • Just below the tile, click + Add to Watchlist on the farthest right

  • You can add as many videos as you like and when you're ready to access all the ones that you have saved, you can access your list by just scrolling up to the menu bar from anywhere on iwonder's web page 
  • Once you've clicked WATCHLIST, it should show all the videos you have saved.

On your mobile device (iwonder app)

  • Tap on any video that you like
  • Tap on the + icon.
    (blue + Icon becomes a green check icon once it's been added to your watchlist)

  • Add as many videos as you want. When you're ready to access your watchlist, go back to Home and then on the bottom menu, tap Watchlist.

  • The Watchlist tab will contain all of your saved videos