We are in the process of adding subtitles to our content. We have added this feature to our web app (watching through a browser) and will be rolling this feature out to our mobile apps soon. 

Currently on our web app, half of our titles have at least English subtitles and about one-third of titles have additional languages including:

Arabic (AR)

Bahasa Indonesia (IN)

Bahasa Malaysia (MS)

Bengali (BN)

Burmese (MY)English (EN)French (FR)Nepali (NE)
Sinhalese (SI)Thai (TH)Vietnamese (VI)

Zawgyi (ZG)

When a video with available subtitles is played, the subtitles are automatically enabled by default to English.

You can change the language as well as change the subtitles' attributes (font, colour, size, opacity, etc.) 

To access subtitles in the web app:

Click on the 'gear' button on the lower right side of your screen:

You can either click on the language (English, by default to change the language) or click on the gear button beside subtitles to change the attributes as below:


If you wish for a certain title to be encoded with subtitles, just let us know or if you want to request for a new language, email us at support@iwonder.com. No promises, but we will do our best to make it available.