iwonder supports Chromecast which makes it possible for you to watch iwonder on a bigger screen (your TV) from your Android and iOS devices, and also from your laptop via Google Chrome.

Note: This features requires a chromecast dongle attached to your TV or a TV with Chromecast built-in

To use chromecast to beam films on iwonder to your TV, just follow the steps below:


Step 1: The cast icon can be found on the top portion of the app. Activate it anytime  - before or during a video plays.Step 2: Pick a device you want to cast a film toStep 3: Video plays on the remote device and you can now click back to return to the previous menu and browse other films. Once you click back to return,  chromecast bottom bar shows playing title and basic controls.

Clicking on the bottom bar opens up page with additional controls related to the casting title.
Android pull-down menu also shows basic controls if you are in another app.

Apple iOS

On the player, click on the cast button:

You will then see a list of all the chromecast devices that's available for your to cast on. 

Click on the one you wish to use and you're all set.

Chrome browser (desktop)

On the video player, simply hover your cursor on the bottom part of the screen to show available options. Click on the cast button:

Once you click the cast button, a list of available chromecast devices will appear. Click on the device you wish to cast to and that's it!