If, by some mischief of fate (of the video streaming world), you encounter an error or the video or app froze, the first step is to do some basic troubleshooting. Most times, all it needs to get resolved  is a little nudge and a sweet quick refresh.

If you are on your mobile device (phone or tablet), completely/force exit app and then relaunch. 

If you are on your laptop, close the browser and then re-launch and try accessing iwonder again. If that doesn't work, try using another browser (to check if it's a browser-related issue).

If none of the basic troubleshooting above works, please send an email to our amazing tech team at support@iwonder.com and provide the following details so we can check further :

  • username
  • location (country)
  • issue/error message
  • device
  • OS
  • If you are on your laptop, browser(s) used
  • screenshot of the error/issue (this will help us get a good perspective of what you are experiencing)

We know it's a lot but please through your help, we can find the best solution for you.